Second phase – Play off (8 teams) 

1st place $3000 (USD)

2nd place $1500 (USD)

3rd-4th place 200 000 + 1 year of premium

5th-8th place 100 000 + 6 months of premium

Second phase group stage

3rd place  50 000 + 1 month of premium

4th place 50 000 + 1 month of premium

First phase – Play off

2nd place 20 000 

3-4th place 10 000

5-8th place 7 000 

9-16th place 2 500 

The battle for fame:

Once you are the champion, you will be able to enjoy your hard-earned money. Don’t think that you will be able to rest however. We will be organising an exceptional show match between your team and the winners of the tournament on the CIS server. That’s right. Just when you think you have conquered it all, you will have to seriously step up your game once more.

Reward: $1000 (USD) for the winner.